Alex is our Rhythm & 2nd Lead multi - guitarist.

He started playing guitar when he was 6 years old. He progressed to the violin where he was classicaly trained. He also learned to play the piano as well as learning to play drums. Quite a talented lad on the quiet.

At 13 he decided that the guitar was going to be his forte and concentrated on learning properly.

He joined a band to gain some gigging experience but then let it take a back seat when his son was born.

Not being able to give up music completely, he carried on playing at home and playing at open mike nights.

Alex joined Harley n Dutch at the back end of 2016 when the band reformed with their new name and has been an amazing asset, complementing the other musicians with his ability to fill out the sound with good quality chord work and the occasional solo and twiddly bits.

Alex has also proved to be an asset when it comes to mixing some of the recorded songs that will shortly be added to the web site.

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Northwich, Cheshire